The biggest star at Helix Studios – Joey Mills

Joey Mills is one of the exclusive stars at Helix Studios, and so far, because he is so sweet, young and desirable, this is the only gay porn company he has worked for. Joey joined Helix in 2016 as soon as it was his eighteenth birthday and hasn’t looked back – except for when he wants to see who is pounding his twink gay ass from behind that is.

Joey has now starred in over 40 hardcore movies since his first movie where he got his virgin ass broken into by Evan Parker on August 11th, 2016 in “Introducing Joey Mills”. I first saw the video at and I was thinking , ‘This twink is going to be big.’ This is because as he was sucking on Evan’s big dick, he looked up into the camera with lustful blue eyes, and you just knew he was a natural and was loving every minute of it. Since then, he has been fucked by Josh Brady, Aiden Garcia, Tyler Hill and Blake Mitchell, who has one of the biggest and fattest
cocks around.

As well as having gay sex with other porn stars, Joey Mills has also starred alongside Ashton Summers, who has now become his real-life partner and believe you me, they look so sweet and hot together, your dick will harden just at the sight of them.

His hobbies are hiking out in the hills and in the wild, and he loves to go kayaking and long-boarding. He has one tattoo, and that is of his sister holding up a balloon, and you can watch the video of him getting this done on youtube. He loves the movie Titanic and loves to smoke weed, but he is more of a stay at home boy, especially now he is with Ashton.

Joey does enjoy the kinky side of life, and when his ass was first fucked by a slightly older guy, he was tied up in bondage and had his ass spanked a few times before it got fingered and fucked until he felt scorching hot cum over his ass. He proves this in a video by HelixStudios called ‘Virgin Kink’ which was only released on March 8th, 2018. In this twink movie, Cameron Parks takes full control of Joey Mills. He ties him up and gags him first. Then after giving him a good sexy spanking, he fucks his ass with a butt plug before fucking him raw and cumming over his freshly fucked butt.

Joey Mills looks like an angel, but in reality, he would drive the devil wild. He is a natural born pornstar, and thankfully for us, he wants to remain in gay porn for as long as he can.

Helix Studios has a great site, and you will do well as a member. They certainly picked the right twink when they chose Joey Mills as an all exclusive pornstar in their fantastic company.


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